Monday, September 3, 2012

Memories and challenges

Good Morning! 24 years ago on this day, my twin daughters were born. They are such an important part of my life and I am so blessed to have them. My girls turn 24 on September 5. Got up and did my morning routine. Mari and I went out to the lake and walked 2.2 miles, then to Starbucks and got our oatmeal. Lots of people and dogs at the lake. The whole thing yesterday with the picture and it being a challenge, made me realize that I do not challenge myself. When I see that in this challenge, the word is yellow, I only think about taking pictures of yellow and not how I can grow in taking pictures of yellow. When I look at my day, I look at how much can I get done in a day, not the quality of the things I do. Recently, I took a test for ADHD and I realized that I have a mild case of it. When I was an appraiser, it was always called, how many reports can I get done and I really didn't look at the quality. Everything from the lender was a rush and I really don't believe they looked at the quality. When we go to museums or places, I will look at the picture, but I don't really stop and read the description. Sometimes when I am reading, my mind is off somewhere else and all I am doing is reading words. Doing my emails and house stuff. Tried to challenge myself to not take a nap, as I wonder if my nap is only to quiet my mind. Tried to slow down this morning and not race through doing things. Had lunch and watched TV with the girls. My lunch today was a salad with a grapefruit. Healthy! Doing some computer stuff and working on the yellow challenge. This is one of the pictures I took for yellow:
Going to finish a couple more things and go run a couple of errands. Trying to buy only what we need, so I don't feel like I have a jam packed refrigerator. Not trying to see how much I can accomplish as well. We ran our errands and I got some pictures taken. Came home and having quiet time, before I start on dinner. Made dinner, watched the last season of Anthony Bourdain. Talked to my friend who is in the hospital and worked on my other Rory came downstairs and wanted to talk to Mari regarding school. He keeps wanting to know about money and we finally sat down and told him what it is. He makes me uptight when we talk, as he talks over all of us, even though he wants information. He goes on and on and never stops. I am emotionally tired from dealing with him. Good night. Trudi

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