Friday, September 28, 2012

Relaxed and beautiful Friday

Good Morning! This was the sunrise I was greeted with this morning. This is beautiful and I love the contrail. People headed out for other areas of the country. Mari and I are going to head out for our walk pretty soon. Today, we are going to do hair. Other than that it is a relaxed Friday. Of course, I have to get kabobs for Rory. Mari and I did our 2 mile walk this morning with our walk buddy. Came home and had breakfast. Doing morning routine. Took a nap as I felt I needed it. Had lunch and then accomplished some financial stuff. Did some filing! Got our hair cut and then did some errands. Because Mari and I are going to be out Saturday and Sunday late afternoon, I am trying to make dinner ahead of time, so that Marissa can serve herself and her dad and that we won't have to make dinner when we are tired and just getting home. YEA! Rory went out to get lunch and decided he was going to stay out until dinner time, whatever time that may be. Thankful for the relaxation. Lately, I have been having this feeling like I am being pushed to get out of my comfort zone. It is not coming from anyone in particular, but just an overall feeling. I know this weekend, I will definitely be getting out of my comfort zone, as Mari and I are doing two step walks, that are 3-4 miles. Part of the feeling of getting out of my comfort zone is with my photography. Mari and I got dinner together and then the three of us watched Ghost Adventures and then we colored our hair. Actually getting to be in bed to read at 9. Hopefully will turn off the light at 10. Good Night, Trudi

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