Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Very Busy Day

One of my favorite things to take pictures of, are the clouds, especially at sunrise and sunset. Good morning! This is going to be a very busy day! Mari has to be at school at 10 and then I am going to go walking at Dana Point, then I am having lunch with a friend and running a couple of errands. At 3 I need to take Mari a smoothie and her dinner, then come back and go to Farmer's Market and then meet a friend for dinner and go to wine tasting and pick up Mari from school. UGH, but fun! I think I will come home and collapse. Well the first part of the day went the way I said, but the end of the day did not. I got Mari to school by 10 and then went to Dana Point and walked the island. The next time I walk Dana Point, I am going to increase the amount. I did have lunch with my friend and ran my two errands. While I was out, my friend, who I was going to go wine tasting with texted me and asked me how many red wines were we going to taste, as she has a problem with red wine. Called Total Wine and we were going to taste 6 out of 8, so I cancelled that and we just met up for dinner, which was nice. Did get Mari her dinner and smoothie and did get to Farmer's Market. Leaving about 8:30 to pick up Mari. Rory injured his ankle last night at work and he has been a big baby today. He wanted one of us to be home to be at his beck and call. No way! I know sprained ankles hurt, but really!!! He did get his breakfast, his lunch and I moved his car. Earlier today, I did not think I was going to be home for dinner and when I knew I was going to go out, but, was able to bring something home, I tried to call him, but he had already gone out. I was talking to Marissa earlier this morning and I have decided to call our financial advisor and see if he can recommend an attorney. I see Rory going downhill with his legs and I can just see us having to get a caretaker to take care of him. I cannot lift him and I do not know if the VA will pay for this. I am thinking I might not be a good idea for me to wait until Mari graduates from college to leave, especially money wise. We will see what happens. I am going to say good night! Trudi

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