Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Good Morning! Today is my twin daughters 24th birthday. We are going to Chili's for lunch and also getting Casey's cupcakes. The girls already got their birthday present of pierced ears and Marissa got a bike. I have also accomplished another goal of getting below 235. Now my next goal will be to get below 230. In about 6 weeks, I have lost 9 pounds. YEA! My usual morning routine. Need to make Rory's breakfast and get Mari up at 8. Yes, we are still doing our walking. Mari is making pancakes this morning for breakfast. Did our walk, but made several stops, so it wasn't the best of exercise. The pancakes were great. Over the summer, I did a photo challenge and the prize was going to be drawn from all of the names who finished. I won! This made me very happy, as I have not been feeling the most up about my photography or me lately. I won a $100 gift card and it was very appropriate as the girls b-day is today. I said I was going to give $50 to each of my girls, when we were asked what I was going to do with the gift card. Mari wanted me to have some of the money, so I am getting $50 and the girls are getting $25. Better get my house stuff done, as we are going out to lunch. Had a nice lunch at Chili's and I ordered a light lunch and an iced tea. The girls got gift cards to Old Navy, so we walked over to Old Navy and they used them. From there we drove to Trader Joe's and then went to Casey's Cupcakes. Dessert for tonight. The girls are being well remembered and that is so nice. Came home and all three of us girls are doing our own thing. Rory went out somewhere!
Started making dinner around 5:30 p.m. Having quinoa, shrimp and squash and of course, cupcakes with almond champagne. Healthy and sweet. Watched TV. Now having quiet time again. Talked to a couple of friends tonight. Going to watch Ghost Hunters at 9 with Mari. I am tired, so I will say Good Night. Trudi


  1. I am so glad you had a wonderful day! :)

    1. Thanks Cricket! it was really nice to enjoy the day.