Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maintenance and mattress

Good Morning! Normal morning routine. Mari and I on Wednesdays are walking up to the park, doing 4 laps around the park and then walking back. I was taking my car in for service today and then Rory and I were going to go looking at a mattress at the Sleep Number store in Mission Viejo mall. After I got back from walking, I had breakfast and then took off to turn in my car. Rory picked me up at Big O and then we drove over to Mission Viejo mall. Riding with him drives me nuts! He has a tendency to yell at other drivers, when they won't get out of his way. This is one reason, we drive in two cars, except for when we have to ride together. We parked and walked into the mall and found where the store was and walked over to it. Rory was out of breath by the time he got to the store. I really did not know how bad he was in his walking. I was not happy about getting this new mattress, because we had just bought one for $3000 about 18 months ago and now we are looking at another, because the one we have is too hard for Rory. Minor detail, he lays around all day and all night. The new one is going to cost $6000, but it will have some amenities that the one we have does not have. I am angry because he does not work on his health and does not want to work on his health. I said I wanted some time to think about this, but I know in my heart that we need this new mattress for Rory's health. After we left the store, we walked back to the car and again Rory had problems and had to stop a couple of times. Then we went to Elephant Bar and had lunch. I was so ready, by the end of lunch, to get my own car back. Luckily, by the time we got back to Big O, my car was done. Rory went home and I went to Target and the gas station and then came home. Tried to take a nap, but couldn't. Made snack and am having some quiet time, which is very nice! It was very nice to come home to my daughters. I made dinner, as Mari has been working all day on homework. We watched TV while we ate dinner. I have gotten past my anger and now just feel sad at the whole situation. I am glad I have made the decision to work on myself. Mari and I are going to watch "Ghost Hunters" at 9 and I am going to bed at 10. Hopefully I sleep like a log. Good night, Trudi

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