Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What ifs?

Good Morning, I think! I am not in the most up mood today, in fact, I feel sad! I cannot focus on the what ifs. I have to be thankful for a new day, a house to live in, people who love me and that we have enough money that I do not have a paying job, but I am able to stay home and be a wife and mom. The whole thing with Marissa is bothering me and last night, I was talking to a friend and was telling her about Rory and she said that he could end up in a home, if he doesn't do something about his health. That is the truth, but then, I look at how are we going to afford that. I can't look to the future, I can only look to today, because that is all I have and I have to remember that. I was, also, shredding papers yesterday having to do with my dad and that brought back alot of not so great memories. I need to enjoy today. We are going to get out and walk and Mari has school. I am thankful for both. Mari and I went on our walk and on the second lap around, Mari started swinging her water bottle around and said "ouch"! She got stung by a bee and luckily no bad reaction. We decided to come home and put some stuff on it. Interesting start to a morning. I feel like taking a nap, so that is what I am going to do and I actually got some rest today. Got some morning stuff done. Got lunch, then took Mari to school and then ran some errands. It was nice to be out by myself for awhile. Came home and Marissa was non-stop talking and I just wanted some alone time. Need to make smoothie and then go back and get Mari. I was getting frustrated because I could not accomplish what I wanted to do, but part of the problem was my own time management After I got back from picking up Mari, I got everything done. Made dinner and watched TV. I am making bread for tomorrow morning. Mari and I are going to watch both NCIS's tonight and after that I am going to bed. Good night, Trudi

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