Friday, September 14, 2012

Open and closed

Good Morning! Doing my usual morning routine. Yesterday, Mari and I did not walk, as Mari and school all day and I was going with Rory to see his mom and sister for lunch. Rory has really not seen his mom and sister for about 40 years, except for some brief time. The lunch went ok and I am glad it is over. Rory said he would like to see his mom periodically. I got this feeling that lunch was more of a business meeting than a family get together. In many ways, he was being the drama king yesterday and he does not tell the truth on most things. His mother asked him,"if he has diabetes" and he said, "a little". Yea, right. He would not answer his sister's question about being in Vietnam. He led on that he had been, but he had not. He does not understand relationships and that is sad. The girls and I will continue to see them and I am happy for that. Family is very important to me. After we came home, I took a nap and then Marissa and I did errands. I felt like I could not really get anything done yesterday; but I did get things done. Had dinner last night and then about 8:30, went to pick up Mari. Came home and went to bed. Today, should be pretty normal and I am glad about that. Going to work on the Flickr project and some of the mini-challenges through I Love Photography in FB this weekend. It is supposed to be hot this weekend. As soon as Mari gets up, we are going walking and I am so ready for that and some normalcy. Mari and I were going to go to the Huntington Library tomorrow, but because of the heat, we decided not to. Mari and I did our walk and it is hot. At 9 a.m. it was already 84 degrees and it felt like we were having one of our Santa Ana's. Came home and Mari made breakfast. Doing my emails and house stuff. Marissa has decided she is going to a movie this afternoon. I am going to go run errands and possibly take some pictures. It is 103 degrees so far today. Mari is taking a nap. I am putting up a perfect picture for today:
As usual with the hot, dry weather, we are getting fires. We have one south of us and I think it is at Camp Pendleton and the other one is near Getty Center. About to get dinner together and then we will watch Ghost Adventures. Nice quiet evening, will be doing my usual night time routine. Good night Trudi

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