Monday, September 10, 2012

Dollars and change

Good Morning! Up at my usual time and doing my usual morning routine. Rory goes to have a physical today for his new job. Two things I have to do today and I was telling Rory, was that I have to pay the rest of the tuition for Mari's school and I am going to call the plumbing company we had come out last week to fix the stopper and paid $98, and to me, it holds for awhile; but eventually it drains out. Didn't stoppers used to hold forever? Have things gotten that cheap? We have had three people look at the same stopper and it does the same thing each time. I would like to get an insurance policy they have, where they come out and check the plumbing in the house and check the heating and air conditioning periodically. When I was telling Rory this, all he could focus on was that they did not fix the stopper. I have always been a scrooge when it came to money and I have always been very responsible. This is one major difference between the two of us. He always tells me he looks for the best deals, but then he gambles and is very irresponsible with money. When we were very strapped, he would still go gamble. I will spend money, but I am cheap in regards to certain things. I don't need to go to Macy's to get my clothes, I am happy with Old Navy or Kohl's or Target. Rory keeps making comments about all of us having $1500 Mac's. I don't like what he likes and he doesn't like what I like. In regards to change, let's see what changes this week. I really have nothing planned. Mari and I did our walk around the park and we are now home having breakfast and doing computer stuff. Something very interesting is happening, I am actually enjoying exercise; which is a first! Needed a nap and then had lunch and took Mari to school. Paid what was owed on her tuition and then went to Smart & Final. On the way home, it was getting very dark, up by us and Marissa texted me and said she was hearing thunder. When I got home, I heard it and Sweet Pea was not liking it. Got dinner together and then having quiet time. YEA for quiet time.
Rory passed his physical! I left at 5:20 to go pick up Mari from school and then came home and the three girls of us had dinner. Rory was not home, but did call and he was on his way home from Long Beach. Finally got home at 7:45. Traffic is so much fun! I am very proud of Mari, as she has been really keeping to getting school work accomplished and she has her own schedule. I am not having to remind her. Got Rory dinner and dishes are done. Quiet time for me to do some writing and then at 9 do my reading and then to bed at 10. Good night, Trudi

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