Saturday, September 29, 2012


Good Morning!
This picture was from a year ago on October 1, 2011. I love beautiful sunrises. Today we are getting our new bed and I have already had an argument with Rory about the old mattress. He wants someone to take it and I just want the people who bring the new bed to take the old bed away. The friend who he asked to take it, could not come over until tomorrow and the mattress would be in our one car garage and I would not be able to park my car in the garage tonight. He always has to get his way! This bed has been a problem from the beginning. Mari and I are going to Long Beach with a group of people to do a stair walk. Now I am glad I am going and be able to walk my frustration out and enjoy the fresh air and getting some exercise. I am going to make dinner before I go, so I don't have to worry about it when I get home. This morning I am just enjoying the quiet and being able to do my own thing. Enjoying the birds singing as well. Doing house stuff this morning and have had breakfast. Took a nap, as I felt I needed it with all the drama with Rory this morning. I am really looking forward to getting out of here this afternoon. The stairs are cleared off and at 2, I am going to strip the bed. Rory said he would help, but, I know he would not put things where I want them to go. He would put them in the closet and that is not where I want them. I know I am going to have to make the bed when I get home, but at least the bed is made and I did find out that he could not get in touch with his friend, so the old bed is going on the truck. YEA! Mari and I left at 2:30 and headed for Long Beach. I forgot my walking shoes, but I was wearing my sandals, which I can walk in long distances, so I wasn't unhappy. Met the group at 4 and headed out. Mari and I got almost to the end and then headed back. We figured we did 4 miles and 12 staircases. We were wiped out and I fell just as we got back to the place where we met the group. I am ok, just sore. We got some tacquitos and headed home. I called Marissa on the way home and asked her to make our bed, which she did. Had chili and watched TV when we got home and had a glass of Sangria. I am sore and going to take some Motrin tonight, so hopefully I can sleep. Good night, Trudi

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