Monday, September 17, 2012

Normal school week

Good Morning! Better night last night, than the night before. Woke up a little before 6 and then went back to sleep until 6:25. Got up and got morning routine done. Rory has this tendency to lay around all day and off and on sleep and then not be able to sleep at night and that is exactly what happened last night. I can't tell him that he needs to get up and be active. Mari was up before 8 and got some homework done and then we did our park walk with our walking friend. We saw three dachshunds today at the park, plus it was much cooler this morning. YEAH! Mari made apple pancakes this morning, using some of the apples we got the other day. Did emails and house stuff, took a nap, had lunch and then took Mari to school. On the way home, did an errand. Before we left, the mail came and we found out that Rory may not be able to get VA medical benefits any longer, due to the trust money we have. With all his medical issues, that is not good, as he does not have medical insurance through his job and will not get medical insurance through the new job. I am frustrated at this, as this will be more money out of our pocket. When I got home, he wanted me to handle this issue and I said no! I will fax the papers he needs faxed, but that is all I will do. He needs to handle this and figure out what the VA needs. He has talked to our attorney and our accountant. He decided to go to a movie and calm down. Now, Marissa and I have quiet around the house. YEA! This is a memorial that Pepperdine University did last year to 9/11. Today is also Constitution Day. Did you know that? I didn't, until someone's blog told me.
Rory came home from the movie and had to tell me, as well as talk about the VA problem. There are ways of handling it. Made spaghetti for dinner with garlic toast. Watched Anthony Bourdain with Marissa while we ate dinner. She did dishes and I did pictures and writing. I have to go to pick up Mari about 9:15 and then I am going to come home and go to bed. Good night. Trudi

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