Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday-house day

Good Morning! I think I was laying on the bed for too long, as Rory came downstairs at 8 last night, so I went upstairs. I was very ready to get up about 6, except my knee was really bothering me. Did my shortened morning routine as Mari and I were walking the lake this morning. Got Rory his breakfast and then we took off for the lake. Walked our 2.2 miles and then got our oatmeal and coffee and headed home. Doing my emails and house stuff. Called a friend who is still in the hospital and she is getting really tired of being there. Another friend of mine had called me earlier, to see if I wanted to do something next month and asked me to call her back, which I did. She asked me, if I knew she had been at ER last weekend and I said, "No" Amongst some other things, she also has a problem with blood pressure. I have four friends who live here close to me and three of the four have health issues. I am thankful that I have been doing my walking lately, as well as eating healthy. I have seen the difference in my blood pressure and my blood sugar. After lunch, Mari and I went down to Laguna, to get some school supplies and some stuff from Whole Foods. Came home and having quiet time.
Marissa went out on her bike and did one lap around the pool. I am proud of her for keeping going with the bike. Mari and I made dinner and I made some Black Bean brownies, that were really good. The recipe came from "Peanut Butter and Peppers" The girls and I watched some TV and now we are all doing our own thing. Going to do my reading at 9 and to bed at 10. I will say good night now. Trudi

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