Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Problems and being patient

Good morning! Another not great night! Rory was very upset about the VA letter and that he could not solve the problem. I went to bed, when I got home from picking up Mari, which was about 10:40 p.m. About 1:30 a.m, Rory woke me up, complaining the mattress was too hard. This is a mattress that he wanted and we bought about 18 months ago. He has complained about it, from the word go. Tomorrow, we are going to look at some other mattresses. It just kills me, after all the money we spent on it. I got up around 6ish and did my morning routine. I hated to get Mari up at 8, but we needed to walk, which we did at the park with our walking buddy, who was not feeling well either. Came home and made breakfast and did some of my morning routine, then I needed a nap. I have found that sleeping on the couch is not bad. Got lunch together, as we had to leave at 12:15 to get Mari to school I did an errand on the way home. I really try to combine taking her to school and running errands. Came home and did more house stuff. About 3 made a smoothie for Mari and I and then Marissa and I went down to pick up Mari. We came to realize that it has been six weeks, since the girls got their ears pierced, so we went by Target and got them some more earrings. On the way home from LCAD, Rory called and said he was feeling dizzy. I have a feeling, all of this, caused him some major stress. Hopefully, we will sleep better tonight. Came home from Target and had some quiet time and then I made dinner. Yesterday, I really had to trust God to take care of this problem with the VA. Rory needs to learn patience, which I doubt he will ever do. If he was to leave the VA, it would cost us about $18000, due to all his meds and doctor visits. Luckily, he will be able to stay with VA and he will be making co-pays, at a far less cost. I know he is stressed about this new job, as well. He is the type that wants to know when everything is going to happen and sometimes you can't know that. Better go eat dinner. Talk later. We watched Mysteries at the Museum, while we ate dinner and then turned off the TV. I am really proud of Mari for making good use of her time and getting homework done. I have this tendency to get hung up on editing pictures or constantly working on pictures. I, also, love to organize, so I am really trying to not get caught up in looking at emails and Facebook and adding my organizing into my schedule, plus some cooking, which I am starting to really enjoy. I did get the bank account checked and some filing done and organized the refrigerator. I have made a list and I am really going to try to stay on task. Mari and I watched Face Off tonight and now it is time to go to bed. Good night! Trudi

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