Friday, August 17, 2012

Nothing to do and #1 of Top Ten trips

Good Morning! I got up at 6 and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. Did my morning routine, including my morning stretches. One of those is 60 leg ups and I am seeing the results of this. YEAH! Need to get going on Rory's breakfast, before Mari gets up and we go walking. Mari and I did our six laps around the park, as well as two pieces of equipment. Came home and had a breakfast of cereal and sausage. Did emails and house stuff, took a nap and now going to work on the check book. Oh such fun! The house is quiet as Rory has gone to see our financial advisor. I have been non-stop going all week and preferred to stay home. Our financial advisor and I think along the same page, so I don't worry about not going. A new part to my blog are trips I would like to take. I have traveled quite a bit in the United States and Europe, but my main focus is really to see the big and small towns of the United States by driving or train. My first trip is really to conquer my fear and that is to take the train from Los Angeles to Seattle in a family room on the train. Going from Los Angeles to Seattle takes about 34 hours on the train and I would have to sleep on the train. During the day, I can ride on the train with no problem with motion sickness. Everyone tells me to be on the bottom floor and there is less motion. We would then rent a car in Seattle and also go back to Vancouver and Victoria and then drive back 101 and stop where we want to see things. Of course, I would be taking the girls with me and I would love to show them the beauty of Vancouver and Victoria. The girls love England and in Victoria, there are many places that would remind them of England and it would be a lot closer than flying all the way to England. I love the ocean and driving down the West Coast is something else I want to do. Mari and I drove from San Francisco to near Eureka, CA and I would love to go back there and further explore. The area between Seattle and Eureka, CA, is an area I have really never explored. Mari is making dinner, so we went to Target to get the things she needs, then came home. My goal for today was to get the pictures for our Paso Robles trip into a book, which I have accomplished. I want to finish the rest of the pictures I have to edit from this summer and put our DC trip into a book. I have finished editing all of the pictures that I took this summer. Then I want to install Time Line and then really working on blogging and learn some new things about blogging. Sunrise from this morning:
Dinner was great-it was pork chops with carrots and a strawberry and creme smoothie! Watched "Dead Files", did dishes and called Valerie, to see how the doctor's appointment went. She has to go back on chemotherapy, starting Monday. Time to wind down and head for bed. Good night! Trudi

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