Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Middle of the week

Good morning! Up around 6 and did my morning routine. Rory is less stressed today and he is exhausted. His weight and blood sugar are up. I have gotten rid of 5 pounds since July 20. Better get Mari up, so we can go walking, before it gets too hot. did our walk. We have decided that as soon as it cools down slightly, we are going to add a lap to our walk. Came home and had breakfast and did house stuff. Rory is supposed to finish getting his car fixed today between 10 and 12. He had to come downstairs and watch TV, so the girls of us take off to other parts of the house. Took my nap and then finish doing house stuff. At least the car repair people called and said they were going to be about an hour late. Wonderful! The guy got here about 2. Mari and I ran errands(car registration, bluetooth for my phone and Trader Joe's. Drove back through the canyon. Came home and the guy was still working on the car. Rory has been downstairs all day watching TV and I have just done what I usually do. I am just tired of the TV. The girls have been in their rooms most of the day, when usually the three girls of us hang out in the living room or their bedrooms. I am looking forward to Rory being gone out of the house or staying up in our bedroom. I just need to have some calmness. I left about 4:15 to go see a friend at Jamba Juice. The man repairing Rory's car was still there. Had a nice visit with my friend. Mari's computer is ready, so we went over tonight to get it. Came home and had a dinner of shrimp salad. After we came home from the Mac store, we watched "Haunted Collector". After the program is over, I am going to bed. My friend and I were talking about Rory and his family and one of the questions that was asked is why does my mother-in-law not want to see Rory-does it bring back too many memories. Rory starts counseling tomorrow and I am wondering where this is going to go. There are certain things he does that I know was affected by what went on in his family and he doesn't even realize it. I am tired tonight, so Good night, Trudi

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