Saturday, August 11, 2012

The weekend is here

Good Morning! Down another half pound. What I am doing is working and I am thrilled. Up at 6 and did my morning routine. Got some quiet time, while I was getting ready in our room. I am finding, I really enjoy my quiet time. It is peacefulness. I feel like the word goal keeps coming at me. How do I set goals? I know I would like to get rid of about 70 pounds, but I struggle with it. I know I would like to make a living from my traveling, writing and photography and learning about different areas. I don't know where to start and how to make a living with it. Another thing that has been in my head is why do I stay with Rory. Right now it is the money issue and having Mari in school. It would be ridiculous to move to someplace around here and go through a separation/divorce. If I was to tell the therapist that once Mari is through school, I plan to leave, that sounds like I am a hypocrite. I had better make Rory's breakfast, so Mari and I can go walking at 8. I would love feedback from whoever is reading this on the issues I have raised above. Mari and I did our 5 laps around the park and did one piece of equipment. Ended our walk by taking some pictures of the dogs that were playing in the park. Came home and made breakfast and now I am looking at emails and about to do house stuff. Oh such fun! Did some house stuff and then took a nap. Got up and then Rory came down, as it was lunch time and he plopped himself down on the couch and wanted to know if anyone had gotten the mail. Marissa volunteered to get it and Rory asked if she would take the three envelopes out to the mail box and mail them. We were all making our own lunch and he wanted someone to make his lunch. I finally decided to go upstairs and let Rory have the living room to himself. I would love to have a discussion about him just coming down and plopping in the living room and his non stop talking, but that is not going to happen, as he is going to do what he wants to do and it really doesn't matter what we want. Lunch is one meal, I get to watch my own TV programs. TV is getting more and more uninteresting. I need to find some place I can eat lunch in peace. I like eating lunch in peace with other people, but now I can't seem to do that. We are all up tight with Rory in the room.When the girls and I are home or all in one room, it is peaceful. As soon as Rory comes in, it is like he brings chaos with him. I want Marissa to do some volunteer work and I found a place for her to do that. Rory asked Marissa if she had ever been to this place and she said, no, which was the truth and then asked why she was doing it. I know she likes animals and this place appears to be calm and that would be good for her. It would also get her out of the house, which she needs to do. Rory wants a servant to come in and take care of his every need and that is not going to happen in this house. This house is too small for four of us and to add one more person is too much. I guess I had better finish doing finance stuff; which needs to be done in my office, which is next to the living room. Went downstairs and got to watch a program I wanted and tried to calmly talk to Rory. Nothing changes. He left to go to the casino(where else?) and I finished my lunch and Mari and I went to Target and Trader Joe's. For awhile this afternoon, we have been under a thunderstorm warning and the clouds were very dark. We also went by Walmart and I finally found the kind of sunglasses I wanted. YEA! While we were in Trader Joe's, Rory called and said his car was having a problem. I told him to call AAA and get them to tow him to the Chevrolet Dealership. Of course not! He wanted to stay at the casino. His tire warning light came on and he was having problems keeping it within the lines on the freeway. When I got home, I called the dealership and they are not open tomorrow, so he can take his car in for service again on Monday. I am now having quiet time at home. Going to edit pictures and see what I want to write about Laguna Canyon(another blog about back roads or non-interstate roads). I also want to see about setting up the Time Machine. Fun at the park:
Mari and I made dinner and then we watched TV for the rest of the evening. Rory is not home yet; which is typical for him many times when he goes to the casino. He loses track of time. He says he is going to be home for dinner. To me, dinner time is around 6. I don't know what time dinner is to him. At 9, I am going to do my reading and turn off the light at 10. I am concerned that he will be ok getting home with his car. Good night, Trudi

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