Saturday, November 17, 2012

A time to rest and enjoy the day

Good Morning! It has been a busy and emotional couple of days and I really need to take a day and rest and go nowhere, except maybe local. I was supposed to have my first meet up for "Secret Stairs for Photographers", but the weather channel is predicting rain this afternoon and I really don't want to do this in the rain, so I am going to cancel the meet up. Rory is working today, so it would be a really good day just to stay home and do things around the house.
Made breakfast for all of us and watched TV, while I was doing morning computer stuff. Did morning house stuff and got Rory's things together for him to go to work. He left for work around 11:30 and I took a nap. I am really trying to take care of me. Had lunch and ran three errands that were put off the last couple of days. Came home and I am going to do my other blog and some editing of pictures and somethings I want to do, since Rory is not here. Where I live, it is not raining, but it looks like it is raining where we were supposed to take our walk, plus Mari is getting a paper done for Monday, that she would have had to do tomorrow. I do not feel guilty for canceling this anymore.
About 5:30, I got dinner started and made up a menu for this week. I really feel like I accomplished quite a bit today. Watching some TV. I actually had some champagne that I liked. Going to do my reading at 9 and turn off the light at 10. I am tired tonight, but overall it has been a good day. Mari and I have decided we are going to do our walking routine a little differently, since it has gotten cooler.
Good night. Trudi

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