Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Decision day

Good Morning! It is a beautiful sunny day in Southern California and it is election day! This will be an interesting day and yes, I do plan to vote. I will, also, be glad to see the end of the election ads on TV and the end of all of the negativity and all of the campaigning.
Mari does not have school today, as her teacher is ill. Mari and I are going to do our walk this morning and I have already done my stretching exercises. I am going to work on some family photo albums. Came home from walk, which was hard. I kept wanting to sit down and go no further, but I did finish. Got breakfast and did my morning computer stuff. Going to go take a nap. Living with someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is draining, as I feel like I am always having to plug the leak! I dread the holidays, as for one, we have no real family in the area to go see, but it is much more than that, which I am learning. The holidays; really, any celebration, has to be a big deal and I am very minimal. I thought we had Thanksgiving and Christmas decided. We were going to go to Claim Jumper on Thanksgiving and on Christmas, we were not going to do traditional dinner of turkey, as I don't really want all the leftovers. When Rory was leaving this morning, he said that he had gotten something from Morongo, saying that he could get a "free" ham or turkey. I can go along with the ham, but not the turkey and I really don't want either. If he wants Eggs Benedict for Thanksgiving, I will get him a small ham. I, also, know he will buy all sorts of things from Figi's, that I don't want around here for the holidays. He wants a whole bunch and I want minimal. I am tired of all this. After I took my nap, I finished my house stuff and we had lunch and went to vote. Mari wanted to take advantage of the free time to do school work, so I dropped she and Marissa off at the house and went to do some errands. I needed the alone time. Came home and working on a family photo album, as well as editing my own pictures. It's peaceful!
Had dinner with the girls and watched "The Mentalist". Rory has been gone all day, which has been nice. Editing pictures. I am going to bed at 9 and read and turn off the light at 10. Hopefully, I will see what the election results are tomorrow. Good night. Trudi

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