Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Control and frustration

Good Morning! Much better night-YEA! Last night, when I went to pick up Mari, I asked her friend or foe? She said friend and I knew that. Yesterday, when Marissa and I went to Smart and Final, she was having a problem with all the people and she was getting up tight and angry. As we are going into the holidays, I feel like I can't take her with me anywhere. Last night, when Rory finally got home, he told me that when I told him the kids were off this week, that that depressed him. Now, I am beginning to wonder if we should be going out for Thanksgiving dinner, as the restaurant will be noisy and there will be a lot of people and it is always stressful going out with Rory. Rory does not see why I have a problem with his gambling and why I have a problem with his $250.00 going into our joint account from when he is working. He hates working. He wants his "fun" money, but doesn't really want to work for it. All of the money that he makes from his dock job, his gambling, his social security goes into his account. To me, any money he makes should be going into our joint account in order to pay for house stuff. He doesn't see it that way. Frustration! I really have a control issue. There is a group I belong to that is talking about doing bus trips. I would really prefer to take my own car, as for one thing, I can stop when I want and I don't have to put up with a whole bunch of people and being on a schedule. I really try to be nice to most people, but I like things my own way. I have to put up with a very selfish person at home. Last night, I made a meal with stew beef that was marinated in a pesto sauce, rice, broccoli, mushrooms and onion and Rory complained because it had broccoli in it. I get to the point, I really don't like cooking, because all I hear is complaining. The girls and I like it. I can see where this day is going and I don't like it, so I am going to try and change the outcome, but I need to get out of the house to do that. I am tired of the retailers taking over Thanksgiving. Let's be thankful for all we have, whether it be minimal or large. I am tired of politics and talking about money. Rory asked if there was something enjoyable out there! Oh my gosh, is there ever!
Left at 12:15 to take Mari to school and then came back to Claim Jumper and ordered Thanksgiving dinner. I really dislike when a manager disciplines an employee in front of a customer. That is very disrespectful to the employee and the customer. From Claim Jumper, I went to Target, Bath and Body and then Trader Joe's. Target and Bath and Body are opening at 9 on Thanksgiving night, which I feel is so wrong. Trader Joe's will be closed. Came home and made a smoothie for Mari and I. Left to pick her up, just as Rory was coming home. He called me five minutes after I left and wanted to know what I had gotten from Claim Jumper. He has a hard time letting me talk. He wanted to know if I had gotten Pecan Pie and I said no, as their only choice was Pumpkin or Apple and he had been talking about getting an apple pie and I know he does not like pumpkin. He drives me nuts. He is going shopping tomorrow, so I told him to make a list, which we did. We will see if he sticks to it. Picked up Mari and came home and we took our walk. Need to get dinner going. Made dinner and took it up to Rory. We did not have Heinz 57, but we had a whole bunch of other sauces. He was yelling at me for not letting him know ahead of time we didn't have it. This has not been a swift day. Marissa has a tendency to not pay attention to what her dad says. She is fed up with him, but does not nothing to move forward and just focuses on her dad. We ended up watching TV for the rest of the night. Going to bed at 10 p.m. Good night, Trudi

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