Friday, November 9, 2012

Are we or aren't we

Good Morning! Every time Rory works the docks it really affects my sleep. He worked until 3 a.m. this morning and I guess got home about 4. I do get concerned that he is going to fall asleep at the wheel and have an accident. I got up about 4 to see if he was home and I could hear the TV going downstairs and him snoring. I went back to sleep and slept until 5:30, when he came to bed and then we both went back to sleep and I slept until 7. I am getting a late start, but Mari and I are not going walking, as the weather last night was a little iffy. The girls, a friend of mine and I are possibly going wine tasting and then out to dinner. We could have some showers again this evening, so we will see what we do. Mari has to go to a writing lab at school from 1-2 p.m. We will see how the rest of the day goes.
Last night, I saw that one of my meet up groups is going to do food photography and that is something I would like to learn. Sometimes, I wonder if I should learn to do this on my own, as I seem to learn better or learn it in a classroom or with a group. I love to share my photography, so I wonder if I am more a just take pictures kind of photographer or is there a part of me that would like to be a professional photographer. Right now, I feel like I have my hands full and trying to take on anything more, would be exhausting. "There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot" Steven Wright-I copied this quote from "Awake the Light". I need to remember this. There are times I am afraid to try things. I don't want to fail, so I just stay in my "comfy" little box. Or is it that comfy? Made breakfast for Rory and then made breakfast for us. I made banana-blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. YUM! Did my morning computer routine. Not going to water plants until next week as they good soaking yesterday. Did my morning house routine. Mari and I left about 12:30 to go to LCAD, so Mari could go to a writing lab. I went to Whole Foods to get Rory's dinner and then I went to get smoothies for the two of us. Came back to LCAD and then came back to Foothill Ranch to get Rory's lunch and Mari some new walking shoes. Ever since we got past Halloween, I have seen quite a bit of Christmas decorations. I am tired of the big hype of Christmas, so I have decided I want things to be simple. Came home and took a nap. Picked up Chris at 3:45p.m. We were going to a winery in the area and do some wine tasting and then go to dinner. Chris didn't have the time, so we decided to go to dinner. Had a nice dinner at Nick's in Laguna Beach and then came home. Watching TV with Mari. Wine makes me tired and that is the way I am feeling tonight. Actually woke up a little. Working on my history blog and getting frustrated with Rory over Christmas and my idea of trying to make Christmas simple. He wants presents under the tree; which there will be, but just not the way he wants. I am going to bed and read and turn off the light at 10 p.m. Good night. Trudi

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