Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home for the holiday

Good Morning! When I first got up it was sunny and now the fog has come in! I wish I had family to go see, but I don't, so I am just going to enjoy the day. When my parents were alive, I loved going to their house for holiday dinners, but fortunately we did not live that far away. We will have Thanksgiving dinner at home and fortunately I do not have to cook, just heat up what Claim Jumper is making. I will make pancakes in the morning. Today, Marissa has a doctor's appointment and then we are going to Mission Viejo mall, so Mari can take care of some things at The Apple Store and I can return some things to the Sleep Number store. Mari and I are going walking this afternoon.
Left about 10 to take Marissa to the doctor. Good visit and hopefully will get her moving forward. Then we went to Mission Viejo Mall to return part of our sleep number bed, then we had lunch. The crepes were good. Then to the Apple store and of course we had to go see the puppies. To Target and now home. Mari and I are going walking at 4. It is surprising what 30 minutes can do with light. It was not as dark when we got home as it was last night. Rory's plan for the day was to go shopping. I know he got a ham and some eggs and some spiced eggnog. We have been home since about 2:30 and we have not seen him. Made dinner for the girls and I. He has been running away, when things get too much and I wonder if that is what happened today. He left his phone at home. He will be home some time. Having non-TV time right now, until 9 when Ghost Hunters comes on.

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