Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to normal schedule and 3 more weeks of fall semester

Good Morning from a gray Southern California! Did not have the best night last night, but moving on. If I need to rest today, I am going to take it. Mari and I have to go to The Apple Store this morning and get some replacement feet for her Mac. I think we will also get calendars. Mari has school today from 2-10 and there is only 3 weeks left of fall semester. YEA! Then I will have my daughter back for about a month. Rory has a doctor's appointment today.
Did my morning computer routine and then took a nap. Mari and I went to The Apple Store and got calendars and then got lunch on the way home. Rory got a flu shot and is down for the count, but that is usual when he gets a flu shot. Overall he is healthy, he just has arthritis and is very overweight. His glucose level is up, so they are changing his meds. After lunch I took a nap, before I took Mari to school. I think the way I am feeling, has to do with all the stress I have been under before Thanksgiving. I was blowing up at Rory and I was getting upset with Mari. When I relax, this is what happens, I fall apart. Thank goodness I have time to rest today. On the way home from taking Mari to school, ran two errands. One of the errands was by the bank and a lady at the bank that I know, gave me a compliment on how well I looked. That really made my day. Came home, did laundry, trash and watered plants. Until dinner time, I am going to "rest" I love to have things simple and organized. I am working on that with our storage unit. Mari's room is on the first floor of our house and she keeps her door open, except when she is sleeping or wants some alone time. Her room drives me nuts, as she does not put away clothes. One of my goals is to do all I can to get her through school, so I asked her today, if I had permission to put away her clothes, as it was driving her nuts as well and with school, she did not have the time to do it. I would rather she get good grades than worry about her clothes being put away. Maybe I am spoiling her, but she helps out in other ways and I am very thankful for her being my daughter and in my life. I started organizing her room today for a little bit. Her room takes me back to how my sister kept her room. I guess artists think alike.
On Mondays, I have been putting dinner together early, so that Mari can take dinner to school. Marissa and I put the rest of our dinners together, which was nice, considering how I have been feeling all day. I did not go walking today and I have no guilt. It is better to take care of myself. Marissa and I watched TV and then she did dishes. I took a short nap and then took Rory is tea and his pecan pie. Doing some computer stuff and then I will leave at 9 to go pick up Mari. Then I am coming home and going to bed. Praying for a much better night sleep. Good night! Trudi

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