Friday, November 16, 2012

Moving forward with a sense of peace

Good Morning! We have clouds, but we also have sun. Yesterday, was a long and emotional day! Instead of going walking at Dana Point, I decided to go out to Woodland Hills and say good by to a friend who is dying of cancer. For me to drive to Woodland Hills, takes 90 minutes approximately. Luckily, there was not much traffic. Kaiser Medical Center in Woodland Hills is a huge place, so trying to find the hospital part was difficult. I did find where she was. I did not recognize her. I have not seen Valerie in about six months. I learned I am a "do" person and I am not good with emotions. She was asleep, so the nurses recommended I write her a note, which I did. Her sister-in-law came in and I talked to her for a little bit. When I first went in Valerie's room, I said "hi Val, it's Trudi" and she twitched. I really did not know how to handle this. I am glad I went to see her. I got some lunch for me and some dinner for Mari on the way home and drove back. Stopped at Target and the farmer's market and then took Mari her dinner. Came home and took a short nap, which helped tremendously. Picked up a friend and we went out for dinner and then to a champagne tasting class. I am not a real big fan of champagne, but there was one I liked. Came home and went to bed and had the best night sleep, I have had in a long time. This morning, I am doing my morning routine, but Mari and I are not walking. We may be seeing some friends in Oceanside this afternoon. Rory will be out most of the day.
Got my breakfast and doing morning computer stuff done. I want to get laundry and trash done before lunch, so that I can enjoy the afternoon. Got everything done and got lunch. About 1 p.m. Pamela,Val's sister called me and told me that Val had died about 10 p.m. last night. I felt sad for awhile and I was thankful that I was seeing some friends this afternoon. Mari and I went to Oceanside to see the mission with our friends. Her granddaughter was with them, which was fun. Took some pictures and then went to Coco's for some pie, then drove home. Stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some stuff for dinner. I am tired, but I have a sense of peace today. Rory is still gone and told Marissa to tell me to not make dinner. Oh well, I had gotten stuff for dinner for him. Mari made dinner and the girls and I are going to watch TV. Going to bed at 9 and read and turn off the light at 10.

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