Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is there ever a right time?

Good Morning world! It is a beautiful cool sunny morning in Southern California. Last night I watched a program called "Living Abroad". I really enjoyed it. My dream for as long as I can remember has been to travel and mainly see all of the small and big towns of the United States. I was really enjoying the program and then Rory came down and wanted to talk about the rest of his day yesterday. I let him talk for awhile and then I told him I was tired and went upstairs. I have to learn to cut him off; which I feel is very disrespectful, but it is the only way to deal with him or he will talk on and on. My prayer last night was to show me how I can travel and where the Lord would like me to travel. I woke up from a dream where I was traveling and taking pictures. I was carrying all of these bags and the place was a very beautiful place, but there were people not wanting me to take pictures. Interesting dream. Right now my priority is to help Mari get through school. I am currently Rory's caretaker. I want to help Marissa as much as I can. Once Mari gets through school, I want to be close to her and probably not with Rory. When I travel I like sharing my travels with someone. This is the reason for the title of my blog-Is there ever a right time? Once Mari gets through school, then she will be working and not be able to travel all the time with me. How can I do my dream and be realistic? This schedule may change, as Mari is not up as yet. My plan for the day is to do my morning computer and house routine, make breakfast, probably take a nap, have lunch, run errands and then write my other blog, edit pictures, read and do some miscellaneous things, such as laundry, organize the refrigerator, work on putting some pictures in an album and cleaning up the floor of my office. I have decided that after I finish writing my history blog, I will go back and take pictures. I am currently writing about San Diego County and really enjoying learning more about San Diego County.
My plan for the day is not going to overall change, except for putting a walk into the mix. Rory is gone for the day. YEA! I have done my computer stuff and house stuff, as well as getting a nap. Now I need to get lunch and then run errands. Errands run. I am really trying to stick to my list and menu and get the refrigerator organized and just staying with what we need. Going to work on my other blog, etc and then going for a walk at 4. Mari and I did our walk. Going to relax for a little bit and then make dinner. Reading about San Diego history and it is interesting to read about the beginning of the telephone.
Mari and I had dinner together and then watched a show she likes to watch. Now I am getting some time to do my thing. If Rory does not get home by 9, I am going upstairs and read and go to bed at 10. Good Night, Trudi

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