Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Good Morning! I am not in the most up mood this morning. Why do things have to break? On the way home last night, my check tire light came on, so this morning I have to go to Big O and have the tires on my car checked out. Everything I have heard this morning on the TV, I have reacted with "whatever". I did do my exercises and increased two of them an extra 10 times. I really don't want to go walking this morning, but would much prefer to go to Big O and get the tire issue over and done. Last night, Rory came downstairs and wanted to have a debate, which I did not feel like getting into, especially at 10 p.m., when all I want to do is calm down and go to bed. I walked away from him, but it still makes me angry of how little respect he has for us. I know he ended up talking to Mari and she was trying to go to bed, but I know she knows how to handle him and so I did not get in the middle of it. Other than Big O, Mari has school from 1-4 and then we are going to get her book and Rory is working tonight.
Took my car to Big O and then balanced off the pressure in all the tires and I was good to go. While I was out in front, I found out that they are trimming the palm trees and Rory's car was in the way, so when I came back, I parked my car out of harm's way and moved Rory's car. Now I can relax and finish my morning routine, plus take a nap. Had lunch and took Mari to school and then went to Target. They are starting to train new cashiers for the holidays. Just as I got there, Marissa called me and told me that Rory is not working today, but will work tomorrow. Came home and I am having some down time until I have to go back and pick up Mari. Went to pick up Mari, then to Laguna Print and then to Active Culture to get smoothies. Came home, had dinner and watched TV. Going to bed at 10, hopefully no debating! Good night. Trudi

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