Sunday, November 11, 2012


Good Morning! Woke up a little before 6. All of a sudden I remembered that I had not totally closed the back door of the car. I went downstairs to the garage and luckily, the door was closed. I was afraid that the battery would be dead and have to deal with getting a new battery. Thankfully, I do not have to deal with that. Mari and I are headed for Los Angeles County Museum of Art for her art class this morning. Then we are going to go to some cemeteries and take some pictures for Veteran's Day. Yesterday I was looking for some travelogues to read and I came to realize that there are very few on the United States. One of my dreams is to travel this country and see all of the small and big countries. I may change my other blog to Gypsy Mom-This is our country. I realize I do many things for many people and yesterday I, overall took care of me and I am feeling much better this morning. I am Rory's caretaker,as he does not really want to do anything for himself; I am Mari and Marissa's mom and driver, I am a cook and housekeeper and I take care of Sweet Pea, our cat.
Thank you to all those who have served our country! It was so nice to have Mari make our breakfast and I made Rory's breakfast. Did computer stuff while I ate breakfast. Got laundry sorted and then Mari and I left for Los Angeles. We had very little traffic, which was nice. We got to LACMA a little before noon and met up with her teacher. Checked in with LACMA and got lunch. Mari found the area she needed to be and did what she needed to do. We walked around the museum for awhile and decided that over Christmas break, we were going to come back and see a couple of exhibits we want to see. After we left LACMA, we drove over Laurel Canyon and got snack and then to Rose Hills as Mari had to take pictures for her photography class of the Veteran's Day holiday. Marissa called while we were driving over Laurel Canyon and said the TV was doing something strange. I hate it when I am out and someone calls from home and tells me that something is wrong or broken. I am trying to relax and enjoy when I am out. I know, I should turn off the phone, but I don't want to cut Marissa off. After we left Rose Hills Cemetery, we went to Trader Joe's and got some things for dinner and came home. It is always interesting going to LA, but I do enjoy it. Made dinner and watched TV. Now we are just having some quiet time, before "Amazing Race" comes on at 8. When I took Rory's dinner up to him, he told me he was ordering some champagne. Yes, he has a right to it, but why not go to Total Wine and More and get one at a time. When he does this to me, I, then question, what I am spending. I am looking at getting an upgrade of an IPhone. Do I need it and I am looking at getting a camcorder and then I ask do I need it? The holidays are coming and to him, we have to go overboard and I want to keep it simple. It was nice to get out, but now I am back to reality. :-( Reading at 9 and to bed at 10! Good night, Trudi

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