Sunday, November 4, 2012

Picking my battles

Good Morning! It was nice to get up this morning and have the sun up. Did my morning routine. While I do my morning exercises, I watch The Weather Channel and they were talking about people not being able to do laundry. I cannot imagine and I am thankful for being able to do laundry and having normalcy. I am having to learn to not always respond to what Rory says. I need to pick my battles. Today, Mari and I are taking the train to Union Station and then we are taking the red line to Hollywood and Western and take pictures of art, architecture and whatever else we may see.
Made Rory's breakfast and then made our breakfast. It is really fun to make two different meals for our family. Doing morning computer stuff. I am planning to make dinner before we head for the train. Mari and I left here about 10:15 and headed for Irvine station. The train was a little bit late, but got to LA with tie to spare. Had lunch and took the red line to the meeting line. It was nice as the organizer had a map of where the wall art was. Took the train back to Union Station. We were going to take the 4:10 train back, but there was a problem and we ended up coming back on the 5:10 train. We found out that some vandals had put stuff on the track, which had caused a problem with the brakes of the engine. They ended up canceling the 4:10 train. Sometimes I really wonder about people. Came home, had dinner and we are watching TV. Watching "Amazing Race" and then to bed. Good night. Trudi

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