Saturday, November 3, 2012

In the mood

Good Morning! In Southern California it is a beautiful, cool, sunny morning. Got up at 6:30 and started my day. I am thankful for having a house with electricity and water and that we have food in our house. I am currently reading a book called "The Lost Girls", which is about three women, who leave New York for a year and travel around the world. The other morning, when I was sitting at the Irvine train station, by myself, with my backpack, I felt like I was those three women and could start out on a trip of my own. I would have really wanted to do that kind of trip with my daughters. I like to share the things I do with people I care about. That is what is so hard in my marriage, is that I cannot really share things with Rory. Thursday night, when I got home from Los Angeles, Rory did not really ask how my day was, instead, it was just talking about our investments. Have you ever gotten into the mood of a book that you are reading?
Today is another day at home. I plan to get Halloween decorations taken down and Thanksgiving put up. Mari and I did our 2+ mile walk and then came home and got breakfast. Doing my morning routine. Going to take a nap and then finish what I need to do. One thing at a time, because if I focus on all I need to do, I get overwhelmed. Finished my morning computer stuff, then had lunch. Marissa and I went to the storage unit to get the box to put Halloween stuff in, then to Target and then to the cleaners. Came home and me, the volcano erupted. I think I had been holding in much frustration for quite a while. Rory wants a salad on Friday nights and he wants iceberg lettuce. I am tired of buying things and having them spoil. I didn't have iceberg lettuce, so he got the lettuce we had and all he did was complain, as usual. He decided to come downstairs, which was really the wrong time. I was trying to finish some things I was doing. The girls and I went out to get smoothies and some iceberg lettuce, which calmed me down. He was still downstairs when we got home and I decided to not say anything. The girls and I are going to Cambria in January, 2013 to see the elephant seals and I found out I needed to make hotel reservations like today. Now I am going to edit pictures before dinner.
I made dinner; which was noodles, chicken, mushrooms with a cheese sauce, tomatoes and green beans. I asked Rory if dinner would be ok. I served him dinner and he thought it would be ok. The next thing I know he is throwing up. The girls and I thought dinner was fine. He complained that the green beans were not mushy, so he threw up the whole dinner and then he wanted yogurt and candy. I told him I would not give him candy; so when I took him the yogurt, he was eating a fruit pie. Unbelievable! Rory has a habit of inhaling his food. The girls and I watched "Home Strange Home" Interesting show! He wanted me to turn off the a/c, which I was surprised at, but it was fine with me. He was saying he was on the chilly side. I am warm right now and could easily turn on the a/c, which I might do when I get Rory his tea. I am so glad Mari and I are getting away tomorrow. Good night! Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight. Trudi

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