Monday, November 19, 2012

Does Thanksgiving still exist?

Good Morning or maybe I should say Does Thanksgiving still exist or did it get lost in the Christmas madness? I was up around 6, but didn't sleep the best in the world, as I felt like I was constantly getting up and going to the bathroom. Oh well, I am happy, as I am down another pound, but that pound has been taken away before. I really need to stay focused. Mari and I are walking this morning, as she has school from 2-10. The other reasons, I did not sleep very well is my knee constantly hurts and after a while, I can't get comfortable and I never know if Rory is going to get up and turn on the a/c, as he can't breath. When he turns on the a/c, he closes the windows and bumps into my side of the bed. I will definitely do some naps today. I want to bring back Thanksgiving and being thankful. I feel like we go from Halloween to Christmas. The stores are opening earlier and earlier and I know one person has a petition for Target to not open at 9 p.m., which I think is awesome. Thanksgiving is on November 22 and Christmas is on December 22. We have a whole month to shop. Retailers can't wait until Friday at a reasonable time to open. I know I won't be going anywhere near these stores on Friday and I definitely would not be going shopping at 3 a.m.
Mari and I did our walk this morning. I hurt some from the walk we did yesterday. Came home and had breakfast. Doing morning computer and house routine. Took a nap. Now I am making our dinner, so that Mari can take it with her to school. Then I will get lunch. We have to leave at 1:15, so that Mari is at school on time. Went to PetSmart to get food for Sweet Pea, then took Mari to school, then to the bank and Smart and Final and finally got me a smoothie and Marissa a coffee. Came home, going to spend the rest of the day, doing my other blog, editing pics and other stuff. When we walked into Smart and Final, people are really starting to get things for Thanksgiving.
Marissa and I had dinner and watched TV. Rory still not home. I am not going to complain, as it is more peaceful when he is not home. I do get frustrated though, because he does not think about calling home and letting me know where he is, although, I can guess. He did tell me this morning that he would be gone until dinner. I sometimes wonder what time dinner is to him. To me, dinner is 6 p.m. ish!
I have to leave at 9 and go pick up Mari and then I am coming home and going to bed. I did take a short nap in the recliner. Good Night. Trudi

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