Saturday, November 10, 2012


Good Morning! It is actually beginning to feel like fall. It is cool out this morning and a beautiful sunny morning. As I said yesterday, I need to make things simple, but I have a tendency to make things difficult. I am really tired of being tired. I want some energy. I have been really trying to make things simple over the holidays. I have come to realize how much my dad did for me. He knew what to get me for Christmas and he made awesome holiday food. He was always a good cook. I miss him very much. My husband just wants everything done for him. I feel like I do so much for everybody else, that it feels like I am totally drained. I am really trying not to be selfish, but it would be nice if I could have someone do something for me. Today Mari and I are going for a walk and then she is going to focus on school and I am going to get some things done that have not been done over the last couple of days. I was going to go to San Diego, but I am going to put that off.
We did get our walk, even though Mari really wanted to stay home and focus on school. I told her she needed to focus less on TV and games. Came home and had breakfast. I am doing computer morning stuff! Took a nap, as I really needed it. Finished my morning computer stuff and talked to a friend. Got laundry and trash done, as well as ate lunch and then ran a couple of errands with Marissa. The rest of the afternoon is doing things I want to do. Made soup for dinner. It was ok, but I am not sure if I would make it again. When I try things, I worry if Rory is going to like it. I get very up tight and I sometimes really don't enjoy cooking. I want to enjoy cooking and trying new things. Watched some TV and now back to doing computer stuff. Rory is coming down at 9, so I will go up. This is a picture from where we went to dinner last night. Good Night. Trudi

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