Thursday, November 8, 2012

My greatest gift

Good Morning! We are actually getting rain this morning and it is so nice to sit here and do my post and listen to the rain drops. I was up at 6 and did my morning routine. I was trying to share something with Rory and he cut me off, so he could watch his TV program. Originally, I was going to title this post-Sharing. We got to talking about Christmas gifts and he is going to give the girls gift cards and I told him that the $100 was the gift everyone was getting. I am going to have fun with the $100 and how they get it. Yes, in the past, I have said I don't want anything, but, mainly because Rory doesn't really know how or what to get for anyone. I asked him if he was going to get me a gift card. It is all about the girls and I thought I was his wife. I don't like getting things for him, because I am always concerned that I am going to get the wrong thing, so it is just easier to give him cash and that way he can get what he wants. This is why I miss my dad so much, as I could share with him and he knew what I liked. Mari is like that and I am so thankful for our relationship. My greatest gift would be to have a husband, who enjoyed actual communication and who knew how to buy presents and what I really liked and who I could really share things. I am thankful for Mari and for the friends I have on FB and other social media, who I can do life with. I love Marissa as well, but there is a difference between Mari and Marissa. Moving on, Mari has school from 10-10. If, I can, I am going to Dana Point and walk, then to Trader Joe's and then home. I will take Mari her snack this afternoon and then go to Farmer's Market and then to Target. I will work some more on today.
I did get my walk done. Went to Trader Joe's and then came home and had lunch and took a great nap. I am having an issue dealing with emotional exhaustion and physical exhaustion. I sleep better when I am physically exhausted. Hanging out and doing things I did not accomplish this morning until I have to get Mari from school and take her to her photography class that is meeting in Old Town Orange. I will get to the farmers market and Target. Marissa and I will get the evening to ourselves as Rory is working at the docks tonight. Nice! As usual things do not go as planned! Picked up Mari and then went to the Farmer's Market and then headed for Orange. Found where Mari needed to go, which was near a Starbucks, so Marissa and I went to Starbucks and then headed home. Driving in the dark and in the rain is so much fun, especially in rush hour traffic. On the way home, Rory called and said he was in trouble. He had gotten off the freeway at the wrong place and he was lost. He has a GPS system in his car, but does not know and does not want to know how to use it. I was driving and could not help him. Found out later he got to work at 6 and got a chewing out, but they did not write him up. When I first talked to him, he wasn't sure whether he was coming home or staying at work, and I had planned to do some things, since he was not home. I raced around the house and did things and then got dinner and then found out he was working till one or two. Then Mari called and said she was done, so I had to drive back to Orange and luckily the rain had lessened. We are home, where it is nice and dry and I am thankful. Going to do my reading and turn off the light at 10. It has been a busy day and I am tired. Good night. Trudi

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