Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday-house work, school work and blood work

Good Morning! Decided I was going to sleep in this morning and finally got up about 6:50 a.m. Doing my normal morning routine. Rory is talking about his usual topic of conversation-money. While I was out yesterday, he called me twice, one was to tell me about his morning and the other was to find out if I had taken money out of our investment accounts. I am going to have blood work done this morning and then come home and do my normal routine. Mari is doing school work today and tomorrow, so we can go up to Hollywood on Sunday and take pictures of wall art, architecture and what ever else we can find on Hollywood Blvd. Should be fun! Better make Rory's breakfast and get my blood drawn, so I can eat.
Blood work done and now I am getting breakfast of turkey bacon, cereal with greek yogurt and berries. I started a meet up group called "Secret Stairs for Photographers" and I have nine members already. I am so excited. I used to belong to the Secret Stairs group, but that group did not give us time to take pictures, so I started one, so we would have time to take pictures. Did my morning routine and got a nap as well. Very much needed the nap. Had lunch of the Indian food I bought at the Farmers Market yesterday and the veges I got. Finished doing house stuff. Doing computer stuff this afternoon and will run errands after 3. Errands done. Rory needed scotch tape and he did go out to get other stuff, but did not think to get that. I am going to edit pictures until dinner.
Mari and I made dinner and the three of us watched TV. My blood work has come back fairly normal and I am pleased. Editing pictures until 9 and then going to bed and read and turn off the light at 10. Good night. Trudi

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