Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sleep is a good thing

Good Morning! Actually got a good night's sleep. The Claritin worked for Rory and I got some sleep. YEA! Feeling sort of weak this morning, so I will continue to take care of me. I am officially down 20 pounds. Mari has to be at school at 1, but more than likely I will take a nap before that. Rory may work tonight at the docks. Doing my computer routine and then I need to get breakfast.
I will be really glad when I get my energy level back and I don't feel constantly tired. This is old. Got breakfast with help from Mari for everyone and did the rest of my morning computer routine. Took a nap. Started doing house stuff. Had lunch and took Mari to school and then ran some errands. Came home and took a nap. Finished house stuff and Rory left for work and then Mari and I went back and picked up Mari. We went to Jamba Juice and Peet's Coffee and then to Home Goods, as I am slowly decorating for Christmas. Came home and now I need to make dinner. Going to color hair tonight. Girls night at home. Dinner done, my hair done, we will do Mari's tomorrow. Watching TV for the rest of the evening. After TV headed for bed. Good Night. Trudi

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