Sunday, November 18, 2012

Love the rain!

Good Morning! We finally got the rain during the night! I love the rain, as my plants get watered and the hills around us start getting some green on them, instead of the brown. The air feels so fresh and clean after a rain. Today is another home day. Mari and I are going walking somewhere today and I have some errands to do, but so what else is new. It is draining to always be the one to fix things, but I am leaning on the Lord to give me the strength. One of the channels on Rory's TV was not working, so he wanted me to call the station or Cox so they could fix it. I knew what to do and now it works. Made breakfast for Rory and then made sausage for the girls and I and then got cereal for me. Mari is now up. Did Sweet Pea's insulin shot. Doing morning computer stuff. Got laundry and trash done and some vacuuming done. Mari and I are going walking this afternoon. I need to get back to being good with my exercise and food. My weight has been relatively the same for too long. I just have to remember I am still down. I was getting frustrated with Mari, as she was watching TV for too long and still had school work to do and she wanted to go on one of our stairs walk. Rory had to turn on the a/c and it was really cool enough without it.
I was just reading an article about how we like to share eating and being with other people. In our house, Rory likes to eat in our room in front of the TV or he sits in the living room in front of the TV and eats. He doesn't want much interaction. I am beginning to understand this more, since he deals with the Aspergers Syndrome and how he grew up dealing with his dad and what his dad did at the table. I grew up eating at the table and having conversations with my family. I loved that and miss that. The girls and I sit in front of the TV and eat together. We do communicate, but the TV is a big hindrance. When Mari and I are in the car, we do communicate much more than when Marissa and I are in the car. I was with a friend the other day, whose husband has AS and I saw this. The four girls of us were talking and I felt like her husband was just sitting there and not really communicating. I really need the communication with other people. I took a nap, did house stuff and then had lunch. We left about 1p.m. and headed for Eagle Rock to do our stairs walk. got to Eagle Rock about 2:50 and finished about 4:30. There was a Trader Joe's right down the street, but there was a line to get in the parking lot. We decided to go get a snack and then head for the Trader Joes near us. Rory had called while we were on our walk and said he was going to order pizza, as we were having fish, which he does not like. Got home and Rory had eaten the pizza, so I made our dinner. Watched TV. Rory came down at 9 and I went upstairs to bed. I am going to do my reading and then turn off the light. Good night. Trudi

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