Sunday, January 20, 2013

A beautiful sunny Sunday

Good Morning!

This is at Dana Point Harbor!

Today is church day.  Mari and I go to Saddleback Church and Pastor Rick Warren is starting a new series called "What on Earth Am I Here For?"  This is his new book after "Purpose Driven Life".  Looking forward to going through the series.  After church, I think we are going out to lunch with a friend and both my daughters and then I have some errands to run.  Later this afternoon will be mainly at home.  Right now, I am going through my morning computer routine.

My word for today is "sunny".  Mari and I left for church about 10:45 and met up with Chris at the cafe. One thing I enjoy about Saddleback, you can attend almost any kind of worship service you want.   There is the main worship center, which I like, but I am finding I like the cafe, as well.  I get to sit outside under cover and watch a monitor and have coffee and a bagel.  Today was such a beautiful day!  After church I picked up Marissa and the four of us went to Red Robin for lunch and then the three girls of us went to PetSmart and Walmart.  Unfortunately, I still have the same feeling I used to have about Walmart.  There are some things at Walmart that I will go back and get when we need them, but on a regular basis, I will not be going.  Came home and took a nap and now I am going to do my docent reading for an hour and then edit my picture of the day and then make dinner.  How fast the day goes.  Lately, I have been feeling more content, as I really feel I am doing things I enjoy.  The message today talked about the difference between a career/vocation and your calling; which really are two different things, but can be one.

Day 20 of 365-Sunny Sunday at Saddleback Church

Made turkey quesadillas and spanish rice and then watched "The Biggest Loser".  I realize that I need to do more exercise.  I need to do my reading and get to bed; because we start a regular week, as Mari starts school tomorrow.

Good Night, Trudi

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