Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 7-A place of peacefulness with books, art and nature

Good Morning! This picture is of Sweet Pea and the girls' school books. This picture was taken two years ago. Today, Mari and I plan to go to the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. The library has a photo exhibit that we want to see. The library has a beautiful rose garden and some beautiful grounds. A place of peacefulness. Listening to music this morning, which is nice and peaceful. I was ready to get up and get going this morning. A friend of mine is starting a new job this morning. I know she was nervous, as she has not worked in about 2 years. I have started back to church and I am going to get back with a small group, that I was with before I went to Celebrate Recovery. Looking forward to that. Rory is hopefully going to the doctor today for his cold. Hopefully, he can get an appointment. Rory did not get an appointment, as many people have the flu and the waiting room was packed. I did my morning computer routine and my house stuff. Kept myself motivated. Mari and I left about lunch time and went to In N'Out Burger for lunch and then headed to the Huntington Library. This picture is one of the walkways at the Huntington Library
We went to a photo exhibit that was about the Civil War and death. Interesting exhibit, not as morbid as you would think. Then we walked around the grounds and went over to see the Japanese Garden, which they have recently renovated. A relaxing afternoon, until we got on the freeway. Rory called while we were in the library, to tell me he had not gotten an appointment. He told me when I got home that he wants me to call him back, so he knows that I got the message. My feeling is that if he is just giving me information, there is no reason for me to call back. If there is something to discuss, yes, I need to call him back. This is an ongoing issue that we have. Stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home to get dinner and some other things we needed. Made dinner and watched TV. Finishing up computer stuff and then heading for bed. Good night! Trudi
This was taken at the Mission in Oceanside.

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