Saturday, January 12, 2013

Driving the coast and relaxing- Day 12

Good Morning;

I slept really well last night and I am ready for another day of exploring! This is a picture from Old Town Orange.   Mari and I are going to head up the coast to Big Sur! Love driving along the coast.  Highway One may take more time, but it is so worth it, to see the ocean in all its grandness!   Marissa is going to stay at the hotel and have a day to herself.  She has done awesome on this trip.  Hopefully we will get to see some lighthouses.

Mari and I left about 10 and headed over to the gas station, as I was really not sure how far we were driving.  I know it is about 70 miles to Big Sur from Cambria and I know it is not a straight road.  They were also selling Sweatshirts of Cambria for half price, so we got 3.  Then we headed up the coast.  The weather was gorgeous and I love looking at the ocean and trees.  We got to Big Sur about 12:30 and had lunch as we were hungry.  Went to a place called Ventana, which had good food and beautiful views.  Then we headed up to Point Sur, which is a light house.  Pictures can only be taken from the road, unless you take the tour, which we didn't.  On the way back, we stopped and got something to drink and a pastry and then headed back for Cambria and of course stopping to take pictures.  This picture is some of the view we saw.

When we got back, I took a short nap and the girls and I are going to dinner at a place called Madeline's, which was recommended by the hotel we are staying at.  Dinner was good and for the last couple of hours I have been catching up on emails and just enjoying "my" time.  Time to read and go to bed.

Good night!  Trudi


  1. Sounds like another lovely day Trudi! I'm glad the weather is cooperating for you :)

    1. It was a beautiful weekend, even though it was cold!