Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Good Morning!

A rose I saw in my own area!

Today is not going to be as crazy as yesterday.  YEA!  Mari has to be at school at 10 and then I am headed for Oceanside to pick up a friend and then we are headed for San Diego to see an old cemetery.  I will be back in Laguna to pick up Mari by 4 and then head for home.

I had a heated argument with Rory yesterday and I am going to explain that later today and I had a discussion with Marissa yesterday afternoon after counseling and will explain that later today.  For the moment, I had better get myself going.

Mari and I left about 9:15 and stopped at Starbucks.  From there we headed to Laguna and got Mari to school on time.  I headed for Oceanside to pick up my friend and from there we headed for Mount Hope cemetery in San Diego.  I love looking at old cemeteries, with the interesting head stones.  About that point it was lunch time, so we headed for Old Town and had lunch.  I have been wanting to see the Victorian homes in the area, so we drove over to Heritage Park and walked around.  It was nice to spend time with my friend, as I have really never done that with just her and me.  On the way back, we went up the coast and enjoyed looking at the ocean.  After I dropped my friend off at her house, I headed for Laguna to pick up Mari.  On the way home, we stopped and got snack.  When we got home, I wanted a nap and I was very thankful, that I had put corned beef in the crockpot this morning, so dinner was pretty much made.  Overall, an enjoyable day.

This was in Mount Hope Cemetery and is called Lady of Shoes.  Look at her feet and what she has in her lap.

My explanation regarding Rory's and my heated argument.  Ever since we inherited the money from his father, Rory has felt that he does not have to work at a job and at his age of 62, he should be retired.  I very much disagree with this, but my opinions don't count.  He wants to be respected, but he does not respect others.  The money we inherited will probably run out in 5-6 years and then where will we be.  I am very much a do person and I do take care of the house and the family.  I feel Rory should be working and adding to his inheritance, but no.  His money goes into his account and he uses it for whatever he feels like using it for.  His  weight and his health issues are due to his lack of motivation and his unhealthy eating habits.  The doctor put him on a month disability because of the cold he came down with on Christmas day and his leg issues.  Then she would not sign the insurance papers, so he could get paid.  I understood his being upset with this, but his lack of motivation drives me nuts.  Tomorrow he is going to Costco, as this will be the last day we have a Costco membership, so he can buy something.  I keep us stocked with what we need, but he has to go buy something, for old times sake.

In regard to Marissa.  Her dream is to go into history or archaeology, but school is standing in the way and she deals with a learning disability and FEAR!  I want her to go after her dream, but how do we get past this.  I want to talk to her therapist next week, on possibly moving forward with this idea.  She needs to move forward with her life.  She has motivation, but deals with major fear.

Relationships are so much fun!  Mari and I are going to watch Ghost Hunters, then I will head for bed.

Good night.  Trudi

In November, 2012, we took a walk between Hollywood and Western and Hollywood and Vine and this is some of the architecture we saw.

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