Friday, January 11, 2013

To the castle we go and other exploring-Day 11

Good Morning and it is a cold, beautiful morning!

Mari and I decided to walk down to the beach before breakfast this morning.  It was cold and beautiful!

Today the girls and I are going up to Hearst Castle, San Simeon, see the elephant seals and a lighthouse and explore some of Cambria.  That is my agenda.  Love the cold weather and love being near the ocean.

Someone asked what my motivation was and when I am home, I feel like I have no motivation, except to get things done and try to be one step ahead of Rory.  In many ways, I don't exist, except to do things for everyone else.   When I am out and traveling and away from Rory, my motivation is to explore and see things.  The cold air in Cambria, invigorates me. I had a lot of time to think about this today and I need to make better use of my time and not spend so much time on the computer.

The girls and I left here about 10 and headed to Hearst Castle, but first we went to Sebastian's Market or Old San Simeon, which was the city that was built for the workers of Hearst Castle.  Sebastian's Market was established in 1852.

Around 11, we went to Hearst Castle and took the tour, which was awesome and then came back to Sebastian's and had lunch.  Many people warned us that the portions were huge.  Mari and I split a sandwich and Marissa got a salad and she has enough for lunch tomorrow.  From there we went to see the elephant seals.  The elephants seals are usually here from January to March.  There were four babies born today.  They weigh about 70 pounds when they are first born.  These seals are huge and it is fun to watch.

Marissa was getting tired, so we came back to the hotel via a drive through Cambria.  We are staying in Moonstone Beach.  This was our sunset tonight.  The girls and I are going to a restaurant in East Cambria called Robin's tonight.

Had a great dinner and nice conversation.  In between getting back from sightseeing and going to dinner, I was in my room and the girls were in there.  I was watching a video from someone I know and this is something I would like to start and I could work it into my tour guide thing!  The other thing I realized is I need to make better use of my time, so I have been trying to set up something I will put into practice when I get home.  The other thing I have known, but really came to realize, is how much I really value my own space.  The girls have their rooms and Rory has our room.  I have the living room and Rory does not respect my quiet time.  He feels that he can come down whenever he wants.  I really need a place for just me.  I don't know how to get that in my house.

Going to finish the computer stuff, read and turn off the light.

Good night, Trudi


  1. Great post Trudi. I'm a big believer in personal space b/c my personal space ensures my sanity. If you make it a priority in your house, then it will happen. Even if it means moving a bunch of furniture and totally rearranging things. There may be some grumblings at first but don't worry, people will adjust and you'll have your space. GO FOR IT!! Hugs. E

  2. Thanks Elaine! Luckily, I don't need to move any furniture, just get my husband to accept a boundary, that I need a certain amount of time for me. He does not live by boundaries. My girls accept that I need my space and they give it to me, as long as I say, I need it.

  3. Ahh, the invigoration of cold. I miss it.

  4. I don't get the cold very often, but I am enjoying it, while I have it.