Thursday, January 24, 2013

A slower pace today

Good Morning!  We are starting a period of rain today!  I am sitting here listening to music and doing my computer stuff!

Mari does not have school today.  I have a tour to follow at the mission and I have small group tonight. This should be interesting to follow a tour in the rain and at least I will know how to find small group tonight.

Got my computer routine done and some laundry done!  Left about 10:15 to go to the mission.  Followed one tour today and very much enjoyed it.  Gave me more ideas of what I can do for a tour.  Talked to the docent who did my tour and the docent who did another tour, which was helpful as well. Feeling more secure with this! :-)  Went to Starbucks for lunch and then went to Trader Joe's and Target.  I also tried to find an old cemetery that is near the mission, but couldn't, so I will ask someone on Saturday.  Talked to a friend of mine, who was my mentor in CR on the way home today.  She, now lives in North Carolina.  She likes what I am doing and I told her I keep making excuses and as she calls it, I am procrastinating and I need to be out with people more.  I took a little bit of a nap when I got home and then took a walk with Mari.  Need to make dinner at 5:30 and then go to small group tonight.

These are angel trumpets that were at the mission.

Went to small group tonight and we are doing a church wide study.  It was a good discussion.  I have the same old problem, I stay on the surface and I don't go deep.  I also feel like I can't discuss certain topics with them, as people don't understand certain things.  I get tired of people saying love him more or pray for him and he will change.  My husband does not want to change.  I know about miracles, but I don't see it here, so I just don't talk about it.  I will talk about my marriage outside of this group and talk about surface things, when it comes to my marriage.

Going to do my reading and go to bed.

Good night.  Trudi

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