Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Something new-Day 8

Good Morning world, well in my time zone, it is almost noon!

I was my friends' alarm clock again this morning!  Then I did my morning routine and came downstairs to feed Sweet Pea and do my morning routine with her.  Checked FB, did Bible reading and did some stretching exercises.  Made breakfast for Rory and me.  Made sausage for all of us, then while I was eating breakfast, started my morning computer routine.

Today, I am going to an orientation to become a docent at San Juan Capistrano mission.
Yesterday, I decided on a routine for my week, once Mari starts school, which will be January 21, 2013.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be driving her to and from school.  Thursday nights, I will be going to a small group for church; Friday, will be nothing, Saturday, will be some kind of field trip and Sunday, church.  This will give me time to work on things that are important to me and give me some definition in my life, in case I want to add anything.  A friend of mine and I are doing a study and I want a time to put that into place, once she figures out what is good for her.  It helps to have structure in my life.

Got my house stuff done and then took a nap!  I don't know if I really slept and then got my lunch.  Left at 2 to head for San Juan Capistrano Mission and the orientation class to become a docent.  I was so excited, because I really felt like I was in the right place.  I have to go through four classes and go around on six tours.  I will have a mentor.  I am so looking forward to this.  I, also, found out some information about a tour guide class and the California Mission Society.  I walked out of there very excited.  Did a couple of errands on the way home.  Rory had gone to a movie and I got home before him.  Talked to my friend on the way home and how her second day went.  Mari made dinner and I made reservations for the three girls of us at Hearst Castle for this weekend.  Watching TV and eating dinner.  Going to watch TV tonight.

Good Night, Trudi


  1. Lovely to hear the excitement in your post Trudi, I'm sure you'll enjoy the training! I'm looking forward to reading more about it!

    1. Thanks Elaine! I am hoping to keep this excitement going, as I really feel this is something I want to do.