Thursday, January 10, 2013

Headed up the coast

Good Morning!  It is raining in Southern California and the girls and I are headed up to Cambria to see the elephant seals, Hearst Castle and Big Sur and other things.  Everyone was up by 8 a.m. and getting morning routine done.  Rory is headed for the mountains, as he does not want to be home by himself.  The girls and I plan to leave around 10 and head for the train station.  Not sure when Rory is leaving.  Looking forward to a weekend away.  Thankful that someone is taking care of Sweet Pea.

The girls and I did leave the house at 10, got sandwiches and something from Starbucks and then headed for the train station.  Our train was almost on time, which is good.  Made Union Station and then headed north.  Now we are stuck in Seacliff, which is south of Carpinteria.  A large tree fell on the tracks in the Santa Barbara area.  I can't complain about where we got stuck.  According to the conductor they are removing the tree and inspecting the tracks.  We should know something in about 30 minutes.

Finally got into Santa Barbara about 5, got the rental car and headed for Cambria.  Stopped to get some dinner at Trader Joe's in Arroyo Grande and go to Cambria around 8.  The first thing I did was close the door to the room and leave the key inside the room.  Oh fun!  The girls have their room and I have mine.  It is nice to have some alone time.  Going to finish this and then do some reading and go to bed.

Good night, Trudi

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