Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chaos vs. peaceful-Blog post #2

Good Morning!
This picture was taken two years ago and I am beginning to see what I like to take pictures of-clouds or weather. I guess I am a weather junkie! One of my favorite channels is The Weather Channel. Last night I had a conversation with Marissa and she said to me, that my bedroom does not feel relaxing, which I have known anyway. Rory likes to keep things. We have a mini refrigerator and coffee maker in our bedroom, as well as books, which I am trying to go through. He also has lots of medical supplies that he keeps, as he is afraid of losing his VA medical insurance. He does not throw things away. I am trying to work on getting my house to being simple and peaceful. In our master bedroom, we have a king size bed, a chest of drawers, a chair and three bookshelves and this room is not that big. This morning, we are getting a toilet fixed and I have a bunch of errands to do and Rory comes back from Vegas. My peaceful house, will go back to being chaotic, as Rory has a tendency to take chaos with him. The TV in our room is on all day, when Rory is home and when I come in to the room, he wants to always talk to me. It makes me really not want to go into our room during the day. My goal for this year is to find peace within myself and not let Rory get to me and that is going to be a big challenge. Did my morning computer routine and my morning house stuff. Took a nap and got lunch. Now I need to get errands done.
Mari and I did errands and then came home and took a walk. This is my errand list and my photography challenge picture #2
Rory called and he got out of Vegas late. When I talked to him around 5:15, he sounded very tired and I am concerned about him getting home. He promised me, when he got to Victorville, he would make a decision, whether he was going to come home or stay out another night. We shall see. I had better get dinner going. I know from experience, he can fall asleep at the wheel and we don't need that. I will let everyone know what he does, but in the meantime, please pray for him. Had dinner and still no word from Rory. Going to edit some pictures. I called Rory and he is in Barstow and headed for home. He said the soda gave him some energy. Hopefully he makes it home ok. Hopefully I get a decent night's sleep. Good night. Trudi

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