Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Good Morning!

This is not our what our sky looks like this morning, but it did look like this two years ago.

Today, is mainly a day at home and doing the routine, that I did on Monday.  I have to learn to be comfortable when my schedule does not go according to plan.  I just have to be comfortable with what goes on during the day.  My picture of the day is going to go along with middle and this is going to push my creativity.

This is a picture from our Cambria trip!
Did my hour of social and an hour of house stuff; which included a trip to Goodwill.  Edited one picture and now I need to get lunch.  Mari and I ran some errands and now I am back.  Need to get some reading done this afternoon, so once Rory goes upstairs, I will read for the next hour.  I got my reading done and feel a little more comfortable about being a docent!  Got some picture stuff done and now I need to start dinner.  Rory set up some appointments.  He has one next Wednesday with the dermatologist and then the week after with his doctor and then he has lab work done the week after.  He says he feels very weak and I am not sure whether this is his typical tiredness or is it caused by whatever he is dealing with.  Mari seems to be doing better.

Mari and I made dinner and ended up watching something that I got from Netflix on the Mayflower.  Started watching Ghost Hunters and then Rory came down and that sort of kills the three of us watching TV.  I know the girls are taping the program, so I may watch it tomorrow.  Came upstairs and  had some quiet time.  Going to read and then go to bed.

My center picture!-

Good night! Trudi

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