Sunday, January 27, 2013

Green hills

Good Morning!

I made a decision that I am not going back to small group.  I have friends around me both on social media and directly in my life that understand me and that I can talk to.  I am comfortable with this decision.  I am sure that people will try to talk me out of this decision.  I need to let go of the stress and take care of me.  As Rick said in the service and I have to remember this is "how much God loves me".  I also have to remember the word "simple"

Today, Mari and I are going to church, then come home, have lunch and take a nap.  Mari needs to get somethings for school, as well as take some videos.  Tonight, we are going to watch a movie about Ben Franklin.  After the movie is over, Mari and I are going to color each other's hair.  I am going to try to convince Marissa to do her hair as well.

This is wall art on one of the Secret Stairs walks.

Mari and I left for church about 10:45.  Usually they have coffee on the patio, but the coffee was in the Terrace Cafe, so we ended up sitting up there in the COLD!  Good service.  Came home and had lunch.

This is Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, CA

After lunch and after I got laundry sorted and one load in, Mari and I took off to do some errands and take some video for her.  Lately, we have been having quite a bit of rain and the hills around us are turning beautiful green During the summer, the hills are brown.  Mari and I had a great time out.  This is something I really enjoy are green hills and the colder weather.

This is a picture of the hills around us.

Going to get dinner of chicken, rice and vegetables.  Had dinner, watched a movie about Ben Franklin and Mari and I colored each other's hairs.  Doing computer stuff, going to read and then going to bed.

Good Night.  Trudi

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