Friday, January 4, 2013

Friends who get it-Day #4

Good Morning!
This was Mari two years ago! Today the girls and I are going out to lunch with a friend of mine and her son. We are going to a place called Bruxie. They have sandwiches made from waffles. We were supposed to have done this last week, but we were all sick with colds and we didn't want to expose my friend to our colds. The rest of the day will be mainly errands. Growing up, I had very few friends and I have not really kept up with anyone from high school or college. The one friend I did have for the longest, passed away in November, 2012; but I really feel like our friendship died a couple of years ago. I do have other friends now. The friends I have who are the closest are friends who understand and accept what I live with and do not try to change things. These friends are there to listen and just allow me to be me. My friends accept that my daughters usually go with me most of the time. Better get going with my morning computer routine and house routine and nap. The girls and I left about noon to go by the bank and then meet my friend at Bruxie's. Very popular place. Here is Marissa's sandwich:
After lunch the girls and I ran errands and then came home. Rory was home by that time, as he had planned to go pay his union dues in Los Angeles and find a CPR class, which he needs for work. If anything can go wrong with Rory, it will and did. I had gotten a DVD from Netflix about Jamestown and wanted to watch it, which I did and Mari kept me company. Really enjoying learning more about history. Need to start getting dinner together. Mari made our dinner and I made Rory's. Watching TV with the girls, but the TV is driving us nuts. We decided to turn off the TV and do our own things. Getting tired, put some pictures in a scrapbook, going to read and go to bed. I am tired. Good night. Trudi
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