Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Preparing-Day 9

Good Morning!

This picture was taken at Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  Mari had to go to the museum for an assignment for one of her classes.

Normal morning routine!  When we go out of town, Sweet Pea stays home and I have someone who used to work at our vet come in and give Sweet Pea, her insulin shots.  I am making a list of what I need Jessica to do, while we are gone.  I am totally packed, except for my pajamas, which I will put in tomorrow morning after I get up.  The house gets cleaned today and we need to focus on getting laundry done today.  So on to house stuff!

Thoughts in my head!  Yesterday, when I was going to the Mission for docent training, I was struggling with feelings of being accepted and feelings of not being good enough.  I really have to keep moving forward with this docent training, because it is going to lead to something I feel like I really want to do.  I know I will have to deal with people and that is sometimes hard for me to do.

I was reading a blog earlier about someone and their exercise.  I love to walk, but getting out and doing it is another thing. I have been doing stretching exercises in the morning with the TV, but have lost interest in that, as I feel like I can never keep up and I am not good enough.   There are some things I can stick with doing on a regular basis, and then there are other things that I can put off.  Exercise is one!  I was always put down as a child and have always struggled with my weight.  I was one of those that was always last to be picked.  Overall, I am a quiet person.  I like doing, but I could be comfortable reading, taking pictures and driving to places and exploring.  I am not the hiker.

I am having to remember what I can say to Rory and what I can't.  This gets very old.  I did not have the best sleep last night, as Rory was getting texts from wrong numbers and we both woke up around 1:30 coughing.  He turns the A/C on for about 20 minutes to supposedly dry out the air and then stays up until 4.  I went back to sleep after getting a cough drop and did not even know when he came back to bed.

There are some days, when I do my blog, I just write about what I do(as I am a do person) and not about my thoughts.  I felt like I needed to put them down.

Morning computer routine done, house work done and lunch eaten.  Mari and I left about 2 and went to the mail store and then to the bank.  There was a show on either Food or Travel Channel called "$40 a day" and it was about spending $40 a day for food when you travel.  I have increased that to $50 a day per person for when we travel.  On food I use cash and luckily most of the places we stay have free breakfasts, so all I have to worry about is lunch and dinner for the three of us and most of the time I come back with extra cash.

Marissa has not been wanting to go on this trip, mainly because of traveling and dealing with people.  Rory is not going to be home and I have already paid for a large part of our trip, so she is not staying home.  I know what would happen if she did and that would be I would get  quite a few texts, on how lonely she is.  I usually give her a day at the hotel, while Mari and I go out and do things.  While Mari and I were out, I asked Mari to text Marissa and tell her that I would pick her up and take her out with us and I would not take "no" for an answer.  I did that and then we headed for Dana Point and walked around the island.  Then we went to get snack and dinner and then came home.  She seemed to have a good time while we were out and the closer we got to home, the more tired she got and again she wanted to stay home and I said no.  This is exhausting on me, to deal with this, as I would like to go and enjoy this weekend away, as I really need it.

Having quiet time.  I will read at 9 and go to bed at 10 and hopefully no texts tonight.  Sweet Pea got into Mari's suitcase and I took a picture of her in the suitcase and was going to share the picture, but the picture was too dark.

Good night, Trudi

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