Saturday, January 26, 2013

Letting go of the past!

Good Morning!

Crystal Cove stairway!

Our church is going through a study of a book called, "What on Earth Am I Here For?".  Our pastor is Rick Warren, who wrote "Purpose Drive Life" and this book is the updated version.  I deal with negativity very much and I need to let go of the past and what people said about me, as I was growing up.  I need to love myself and know that I am a good person.  That is hard for me, as I get the negativity in my marriage as well.  Right now, I am doing something for me and that is the docent program.  I have always wanted and loved to travel.  I also like to share/teach what I learn and I need to start doing that and I am.  Steps to doing this is to eat healthy, get exercise and do things I enjoy.  I also need to realize where my anger comes from.  Food has always been love for me, as my dad was an awesome cook; but I have to realize that I cannot turn to food to handle situations.

This morning, I have the last docent class and then Mari and I are going to Los Angeles and meet up with a group to take pictures along Wilshire Blvd.  This should be fun and hopefully it does not rain.

I am finishing this on January 27 , 2013-Went to class and I now have mentor, who is going to help me through the next phase of docent training.  On the way home, I stopped at Starbucks to get lunch and then came home and took a nap.  It was raining when we left, but we went anyway.  Got gas in the car and then headed for Los Angeles.  Got there on time.  We walked on Wilshire Blvd. from Fairfax to La Brea and back.  Stopped for dinner and then drove home.  We got home about 9 and I did my reading and went to bed.

This was taken in the garage of the Peterson Automotive Museum.

While Mari and I were out, I talked to Mari about continuing with small group, which helped.

Till next time.  Trudi

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